Web Block in Popup doesn't trigger OnParameterChanged event


I have a web block with an input parameter to fetch data on demand, but while changing the input id in the parent screen the onparameterchange doesn't trigger, this happens only while using inside a popup.

I am sharing my oml below.


Hi Husnul,

Please try this first assgin the current list item in the action which you are using to show the popup then pass it in the block.

In your logic you are passing  same record everytime.


Hi Deepak,

Thanks for your reply,  I changed my logic as you suggested but still it isn't working.

You can pass selected CapExRequest as the input parameter of the block it should work. 
Ideally the logic is right.

Hi Husnul,

Maybe you can something like this:


create Input Parameter(SelectedId) in ShowTrackRequest...and assign SelectedCapExRequest=SelectedId


Assign/Pass SelectedCapExRequest to the Logs block instead of passing GetCapExRequestsDetails.List.Current.CapExRequest.Id (This is will always pass the same value to block..because your popup is outside of the list, so there is no iteration and always take the first record id).

Step 3

Add isStart input parameter in Logs block (Use to trigger OnParameterChanged) - need this extra input parameter because CapExRequestId's value is same before and after popup is displayed so OnParameterChanged will not trigger.

-add start event.

-add onready to call start event.

Please find the attached OML for your reference.

i hope this will be helpful for you,

Best regards,



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