[Reactive Multiple File]How to show number of upload files in Reactive Multiple File

Hello everyone!

we have a requirement like the following

How to show number of upload files in Reactive Multiple File

input File: 2 file

And the output should be as 

Total File :2 


I think you can apply count function on that particular.

If it is not working so please share oml it will be helpful.


Ridhima Shewani

Hello @lalita thanyabunphinan 

I have created this to count the number of files please check and let me know are you looking for this

Check here - https://personal-ejuytnht.outsystemscloud.com/Sample_Block/FileUploadSample?_ts=637927170236145539

You need to go to the MultipleFileUploadReactive_CW Module the from File Upload With Temporary Table UI Flow

Go to Multiple File Upload Block > then add New input variable to your OnFileListUpdate Event, then open your Upload File Action and assign the  NumberOfUploadedFile to your event input parameter on your event.

After This Publish This Module And Refresh the dependencies on your Consumer Module.

On Your Consumer Module Create a local variable that will hold the count of files then On Your Multiple File Upload Block  Handlers, 

Assign The Value  to your variable.

I hope this will help Thanks


Hello, @Tousif Khan 

I don't have parameter "NumberoffilesUploaded"  What should I do? 

Thank your for support.


- Go to the module In the the application Forge You have downloaded

1)Multiple File Upload _Cw

2)Open it and then go to UI Flow 》 Multiple File upload Block3) Then add a input parameter on your On file List Update Event , you will get this in your web block 4) After adding it 》 Go to Upload action 》


there You will see the event called in a flow

From there you have to pass the value of your local variable(Number Of Uploaded Files) available in web block flow which is holding a count value  Assign the Value In Your Event (Number Of Files Uploaded) that you have just created.

Publish It and and then refresh dependency in your Application Where You are using it, check my oml for more details


Hi lalita thanyabunphinan

I assume you are appending the file in a list in the Onchange action of the upload widget. If that's the case you can use the length property of the list as it will give how many elements(files) are in the list.

Hope this may help you

Thank you!

Hi @lalita thanyabunphinan 

Please find the attached "MultipleFileUploadCount.oml".

I hope this will help you.




Hi @ lalita thanyabunphinan 

Please find attached the OML file "MultilpleFileUpload2_UI.oml"

I Hope this will help.

Also watch this video for better understanding of the multiple file upload:





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