Hi there,

I am configuring users to get acess to a application with Authentication Mode (LDAP).
I want to get these users automatically logged in when they enter in my application. What is the best way to do it?

Thanks for your help.

Best Reggards,
Nuno Mendes
Hi Nuno,

Have you considered Windows Integrated Authentication instead of LDAP?
I may be wrong, but I think it'll do just what you're looking for.
Hi Chinita,

Yes, that was what I did yesterday.
Steps that I do for further information:
- Implemented a new entry point to test and make it with Integration Authentication set to Yes notice that the application server type should be changed to it does not allow both value.
- Use the built in action IntegratedSecurityDetails to catch the username
- Remove the domain from the username returned from the previous action
- Make a query to return the UserMasterId
- Use the action USERId_GetByUserMasterId
- Use the built in action Login and pass the UserId returned from the previous action

Thanks for your advice.

Best Reggards,
Nuno Mendes