hide common menu and app titile on login screen

Hi All,

I wanted to hide the common menu for only login screen and rest screens it should be there But it is appearing for login screen also,

How to hide that.



Hello there ujwala,

Hope you're doing well.

Can you share your OML file so we can take a look?

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Rui Barradas

Hi Ujwala,

In your Login screen, you should select a layout that doesn't include items you don't want to show

And remove items that you don't want in your login screen



I have layoutTopmenu but that is for all screen,as per theme.So how to remove that for one screen


Hello there again,

You have several options to do that.

1) You can use the LayoutTopMenu for all screens except for the Login Screen, where you'll have a different layout.

2) You can put a placeholder there for the menu and place the Common/Menu Block when you want to.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


HI Ujwala,

You can use blank template for login screen or just use if condition if do not want change layout.

Getuserid() <> nullidentifire

set menu inside true part leave false part as blank.

But i would suggest use blank layout for login screen and you can design it according to theme.

Hello @ujwala 

You can simply hide it by using CSS

apply this CSS on page where you would like to hide

header { visibility: hidden;}

#b1-Title { visibility: hidden;}

Hope this works for you



That is definetely not the best solution for this use case.

Hi @Rui Barradas 

I saw that he wrote here that he wants to hide them, from login page, I did not see the keyword remove so  I though we could do this,

Although Thanks For Letting Me Know,
I'll remove my answer.!

Hello Ujwala,

You can take  hint from below discussion,



Ajit Kurane.

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