i wand value of empty selection in DropDown Search to be null not -1

i wand value of empty selection in DropDown Search to be null not -1

to use JQueryValidation instead of outsystem Required attribute 


We can achieve this with JavaScript 

I am attaching oml for the reference please check

I hope this helps 



DropDownsearch Not DropDown :)

i need to know if this element is searchDropdown or not if true i will do you code else not 
there is any attr or class  i can  distinguish it

Check I have Used  check oml
I added code after the dropdown code in JS widget

Dropdown Search Only

OK I send list of inputs with diff type i need to  distinguish it  is a dropdown search

if(input.What! == what!){

//do your js code


i use this for dropdown i need some thing like it for dropdownsearch

if (input.tagName === 'SELECT') {  }

Hi Abduerhman,

you need to reconsider what you are trying to do here !

You are painting yourself into a corner and will end up with messier and messier code, and for what reason ??  It is not because you can currently find some way to identify if a input is of a given type, that this will still be true for later upgrades of Outsystems UI.  If you go down this path, you will create a fragile solution that is hard to maintain.

You are going against at least 2 simple rules that you should, imo, try to stick to when developing with Outsystems

  • when you can do something with lowcode, that is preferrable over highcode
  • when you build reactive application, you'd need a good reason to involve JQuery

What is it exactly about JQuery Validation that you think is much better than a combination of built-in and custom validations as provided by the Outsystems platform ?  If you want to code everything in javascript, why build software with Outsystems ?


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