[DB Cleaner on Steroids] kill switch db cleaner on steroids cleanup run
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Forge component by Miguel Antunes

3 questions for the price of 1 today! 

1/ Can you kill a db cleaner on steroids cleanup that's currently running? It's slowing down development more than I had expected

2/ Seems like the scheduler is not running when it should (not running at all actually), even though I configured it from within the screen a few days ago. Is this not the correct way? Have I perhaps missed a configuration setting?

3/ automated cleanup contains quite some log table types, but not old espace versions, which I launched manually this morning via 'Delete all (12 weeks)'. Can't we schedule the periodic removal of 12 week old modules versions?
Is it normal that this timer slows down publishing times in development, to the point where we get timeout errors on the 1 click publish button?

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