Create a cascading combobox with API to show the floating exchange rate
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Hi everyone! Recently my friend and I have been working on making a bill app.

Inside the content of the APP we want to create a dropdown that allows us to choose the specific currency and the corresponding exchange rate will show up.

Now we confronted with several questions, 

1.The information of keep-changing exchange rates only last one day, so we have to adjust it day by day.

2.If we chose the specific currency, it can't show the corresponding exchange rate correctly. 

We would like to find out the possible solutions to the problems. 

If anyone has made this kind of function or similar function before, feel free to comment or tell us other better solutions!

Thank you!

Hi Rita,

1. If I understand correctly, you need to update the exchange rates on daily basis from external source, for this you can use Timers and REST API's to integrate with external system(I hope your source supports REST)

2. You can use onchange event of dropdown box to re-fetch(Refresh the aggregate/data action) the exchange rate of selected currency

I hope this will help



Thank you! Will give it a try!

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