Slick sign-up style, but is in obtainable within outsystems UI?

I really like this sign up.

Would anyone know if it is obtainable within Outsystems UI?......since it is a form Outsystems use themselves.

To view for yourselves log out of and go to

Awaiting answers.

Yes absolutely this is possible, I'm not sure what specifically you are having trouble with but these are some tips regarding the inputs:

- The Name input can be based off of the Animated Label input

- The location input is a Dropdown search

- The Email input looks like a regular Text input

- You can use OnChange events to do some validation on the inputs and show the OK button, set to form default to make the press enter work (perhaps split into multiple forms to achieve this per input)

- When the OK button is clicked, use IFs to show the expressions with an underlined link to show the input again

- All the inputs will need some custom css to remove borders, change background etc.

Hope this will give you a starting point, there is some custom css going on but nothing too out of the box in this page. Good Luck!

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