Back up the application for future use

Hi all, 

We have developed a temporary application for public use for a period of time. Once the time is up, we need to disactivate the application while reserving all the data and the application for internal use and audit purpose.

Other than changing the access right for internal users only, is there any way we can back up the whole solution with all the relevant data for future use? Does any license constraint we need to consider?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Wai,

If the application needs to be disabled, you can do so from the service center. Please refer to

Once disabled, the application needs to be published to take effect. Thus, the application will be inaccessible, but data resides in the server/DB.

The other way is to download the application as an OAP file. But I guess, in this case, you won't be able to download the relevant data. you need to backup them separately (either as DB backup or as excel exports for each entity). 

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