Good morning community! Another rookie doubt that i've for you. Eheh

I've created a combobox with 5 options (special values) to create a filter by date for my search. My doubt is how can i "avoid" the source entity and the source attribute properties of the widget, because i only want to show the special values... is that possible?

Hi Diogo,
Of course it is possible.
You only need to associate the variable with the special variable instead of the variable.
something like this

Carlos Rocha

EDIT: Please notice that special values will only be assigned to the special variable, so if you sometime have the need to do something with values from the special list and values from a source (some kind of mix) you will need to set the two variables. the normal and the special.
:)) Thanks Carlos! It worked justed fine!
Just one more question... My special list values are defined as:


All the time that i enter a page that as this search filter by date the predefined value in the combobox is "Today". Why is this happening?

Nevermind! This only happens when i refresh the application without logging out. Probably it saves the last used...
Hi Diogo,

If you are using a session variable as the special variable of the dropdown it might be that the value is coming as a "1" from somewhere.
Do a debug on the preparation of that screen to check for this.

Hermínio Mira