How many records can be processed with excel to recordlist?
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Hi All,

I want know how many records can a Excel to record list can hold to perform iteration logic

Like : 1 million records or 2 million records.

Thank You,

Saikumar Appana

Hello Sai, 
your server action is default timeout 10 sec  in that 1m record is easily hold but for safer side if you not sure about the thing you need to used the best practices for this used the timer (default timeout 20min) if still you not completed in that use awake same time and commit already presented record so in this way you can iterate infinite record

Thanks and Regards,
Akshay Deshpande

Hi Akshay,

I am also using timer here, but file has is 1.8 million records.

I changed the timeout to 60 mins but timer is running for 22 mins and only processing 1 million records only.

and timer is getting stopped.

it is not processing another 0.8 million records, any reason for this?

Thank you,


Thank you for your response, I am able to Process the records but only upto 1 million remaining records are not getting processed. 

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