Specifying Widget Sizes in Mobile UI Development

Is there a way to specify widget size in dp independent of resolution for Outsystems mobile UI development?

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If possible then please explain little bit more .



Thanks for your reply.

The issues are as follows.

Set the height of the button to 40px on Service Studio.

If you check this on a mobile device with a resolution of 1080x2400px, the button appears very wide.
We would like to develop the application so that it looks the same on any device with any resolution.

I believe that in general Android application development, by specifying dp, the ratio is automatically adjusted according to the resolution and made to look the same.

Hi Yuto,

To Specify widget size that is independent to screen resolution you need to know the Screen Resolution first.

After getting the size of any screen of any device you can do Specify the widget sizes from the styles sheet.

Exactly what kind of Issue you are facing? Could you please elaborate well?

If you want to see your application in different resolutions using browser, you could press F12 or right click anywhere in your page and select Inspect to open developer tools. After this you would see following icon showed below.

After clicking on this Icon, you will be able to check behavior of your application in different resolutions.

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Hi Rasika,

Thanks for your reply. 

I have posted the details as a separate response, please confirm.


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