Carousel with slider and arrows

Does this carousel widget containing arrows and sliders exist in ousystems ?


OutsystemsUI have a carrousel, not exactly like that, but you can customize it to obtain the desired result:

Hope this can help you.

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Ricardo Pereira

How can I customize it to make it the same as the one there that I sent?


You can create and apply to it your custom CSS classes as in any traditional technology. Of course that, for this you need to be comfortable with Service Studio and the Outsystems concept, as with CSS and some HTML.

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Ricardo Pereira

Hello @Gaetano Cerciello 

If you are looking for Advance options to Customize your Carousel

You can check it here, with live demo - these are the available options

Look at these forum posts for reference as well

You can also Customize the  Carousel Widget By Cloning your Outsystems UI module,
And then Customize as you want.

I hope the above information will help you



Hi Gaetano Cerciello,

As per your requirement I create Carousel with slider and arrows ,

I also recreated arrows transparency  as much as possible like your image .

Please check it

Demo link :

Let me know if you expecting  like this . 


I attach oml file as a drive link because oml file size is 5.2mb 

so download oml from here :

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