Is there any plugin support PGP encryption ?
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Hi, I would like to decrypt a file(PGP encrypted) with the PGP private key. I have tried the Forge plugin OpenPGP it show error "Org.BouncyCastle.Bcpg.OpenPgp.PgpPublicKeyRing found where PgpSecretKeyRing expected", it seem that the PGP private cannot use in OpenPGP plugin.

The PGP key is created by PGPTool which download from github

Thus, I would like to ask how can I use the PGP decryption method on Outsystems? or I need to create a .NET extension plugin?



Hi Jack,

As you already figured out yourself, there is only one Forge component available:

Several community members reported problems with it, and the author is not actively giving support.

So I guess, you need to build something yourself.



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