New application module

New application module

Version 6.
When creating a eSpace->New Module:

In the new module the public entities of the original eSpace cannot be accessed, even through Add/Remove References. However if a new application is created they can be referenced. Only Menuitem shows up in the entities tab and on the references.
Is this "Normal" and the expected behaviour?
Hi Orlando,

I just checked and I could add/remove a Public Entity of the original eSpace into a module without any problems - it showed up fine in the References dialog.

Are you sure that entity is really set as public? What version of Service Studio and the Platform have you got?


Hi miguel,

As it happens, some days ago I tryied to make a separate module to support the parameter  tables of an application. 
The module did not work an I resorted to a new eSpace. It worked FINE.

Today after fininhing the work (stress gone) and before posting the new thread tested AND RETESTED the problem. It was perfectly repeatable.
The behaviour seemed too strange so I decided to post a new thread .

Question: Has anyone experienced this?

May be the problem happens with the originale eSpace.

I will try with other eSpaces and report back.



Sorry, forget to tel the version numbers:

Windows 7

Service studio

Platform Server 6.0.0.?  Where to check ?

Indeed this looks very strange. Can you try and create a new application with a public Entity, publish it, and then create a module and go to the Add/Remove references... can you add this public Entity of this new eSpace?

If you do, then it must be something to do with the original eSpace as you said, even though I cannot think of anything that would cause this. In this case I would load the original eSpace on Service Studio and Submit Feedback from there so that the OutSystems Support can check your eSpace.


Just created a new application. Added an identity, public, exposed readonly false.
Published it

Created an applicationModule : the identity does not appear. Only menuitem.

Create a New Application: everything FINE.

Just adding an image of the screen
Will follow your advise and "Send Feedback " to OutSystems

Hi Orlando,

On the drop downs that say "Show In Use", change them to "Show All".
(The default is "Show In Use" when there are elements that need to be refreshed)

João Rosado
Thanks to everyone.

The problem was only sorted out when reeinstaling all the both Seervicestudio and Platform server.

It is now working as expected.