Delete DB row with missing identifier filed value

I created a record in OutSystems DB without filling the identifier field. 

Now, I am not able to delete it, not manually and not by SQL query. 

Do you have any suggestion how to delete this record? 

I receive an error:

Some records couldn't be deleted.



In above given screenshot on error popup there is one link named "view error report". Please click on it and it will tell the reason why not able to delete the record.

Please share the reason so can suggest you accordingly.


Hello As I know When Identifier is created the attribute is  mandatory = yes,

so we always have to provide a identifier in order to save a record,

and when we create a entity in OutSystems Identifier is auto created 

even if you delete the default Identifier the you have to add a new attribute and define it as a Identifier

even still you are facing issue you can delete the data by using SQL

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition;

Example. DELETE FROM Customers WHERE CustomerName='Alfreds Futterkiste';

Hope this helps


Hi Liel,

Thing is like we don't have to give Identifiers manually while the creating records, it generates automatically and for delete may be DB facing some primary and foreign constraints issue such as if you are deleting records from primary entity and delete rule set as Protect it will not delete the records. It could be anything. It would be better if you will share the oml so we can provide better solution for this.




When I am clicking view error report, I receive this error in notepad: 
"Some records couldn't be deleted.
There was an error while contacting the server:  HTTP InternalServerError - Internal Error. Check server logs for more details.
For more information, check the Service Center error logs."

In Service center the error message is: 
"Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: logger"

Looks like the record was created with a null value in the identifier field.  

I tried using the query: DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition; but didn't work as well. 

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