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I have a question about screen parts nested in If statements.

If I have two web blocks, which are nested in same if  and one is displayed in True case and one is displayed in False case, When screen loads, Are both preparations of screens loading? or only the one's that is visible?

p.s what are other best practises I can use  to be sure that my screen is optimized?


Hi @Nino Gachechiladze 

As you enclosed Web blocks in the IF statement, The Preparation load will happen only in the Web block which is Visible (either True or False). Other web block elements will not appear on the screen itself. This is the finest practice.

I hope this helps!


Saravanan Santhanam.

Hello @Nino Gachechiladze 

If we enclosed Web blocks in the IF statement, only one Web block will visible as per your condition set in If statement . 



That was a relevant question in terms of performance. Nice to know. Thanks

Best regards

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