[OutSystems Data Grid] [OutSystems DataGrid ] How to Format Time Column to "hh:mm" and mask input
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11.53.8 (Build 60969)

I cannot find a solution to display the Time column "Uhrzeit" in the form "hh:mm" in Data Grid. 

It is also not clear to me how I can specify the input format ("--:--"). I appreciate any help.




Have you tried with this FormatDateTime() function

for Binding property of Uhrzeit, just place this FormatDateTime(MyTkontrolle.uhrzeit,"hh:mm") and try


Shivani Desai

greetings back

when i use your suggestion i get the error: "Can't identify 'MyTkontrolle' element in expression".

If I put the element in quotes I get the error 'Date Time' data type required instead of 'Text'.  Do you have another idea?

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