[Advanced excel] Getting "The address (E3) collides with existing validation (E3)"

Hi All

I need to modify my excel sheet using the Advance excel component and while converting the object to binary data using the Workbook_GetBinaryData action. While using this I am getting the error like The address (E3) collides with an existing validation (E3). Can anyone help me to find the root cause and solution for this?

I am attaching the service center log for further clarification

Hi Prathoswar,

Have you checked all existing validations in your Excel file?

Are you modifying the data only? or changing some validations as well?

Please refer to below links for more details on what could be wrong, and why is it throwing that error.



It might be helpful if you can share your OML file to understanding more about your specific use case.

Hi Ravi,

I am not changing any validation and only the heading will be changed. For most of the files it's working correctly and only for some files, it's not working.I checked the validation and no validation was performed on the excel sheet.

Hi @Prathoswar,

Can you share the excel file for a quick review? Try deleting any sensitive information. You can empty out data part of the cells and rename the header titles to anonymize it. Alternatively share it to me on my email if that seems convenient to you.

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