Connect User to Role database

I have created a log in page for my Mobile app and have gotten it to assign a selected Role on registration. My app will have three Roles beyond the basic user Data. 

Talent - Agent and Fan. Each of these Role types will have other data i want to assign beyond the basic User Information. First and Last name of course, but also full address, biography, pictures, phone numbers, etc... But i am having trouble connecting the User ID generated on registration to the secondary Role information. 

I have added the UserID attribute to each of the other databases, but can't seem to get it to display properly.

Sorry - pretty new here. I have followed the training path but can't seem to find what i'm looking for. 

entity diagram.jpg

Hi Stephen Scarfo,

If you want to assign a role to a user through your application then you can make use of the predefined function with the created role namely (Check, Grant, and Revoke functions).

Another way of assigning roles to the users is using the user page

link : [your environment name ]/users . sample

see the screen shots for reference

Hello @Stephen Scarfo 

While doing registration I think you missed the logic. So please follow the below pics.

When you will save userid that time you have to save the userid as output of create user actions id.



Thank you Priyanka. Just to be sure i'm following you. You are saying that i should have all the data created during the registration process? 

right now i have the user created and role added with just basic information. 

Then i have them go into a profile to fill our the rest once they sign back in.  (this is where i'm having the connection issue between UserID and TalentID.)

But you're saying have all that information filled out before the user is created as part of the original process? 

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