Users SAML configuration shows http instead of https on SAML config screen
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Platform Version
11.14.0 (Build 34092)

I have multiple environments running on Azure. for the non-prod and prod environments I want to enable MFA/SSO. For our production environment it works flawless, with use of the Users > Configure Authentication > SAML 2.0 setup.

When I select SAML 2.0, the SSO/SLO urls are automatically filled with https. On my Non-prod env, they are http. I've checked all the certificates, there are no differences. Also, I have changed the values in the database:




In our last environment this worked, the values were changed. In this environment, the values are changed, but it states an error on the config page. When I then save the settings, the values are http again. I am not sure what to do here.

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 09.22.03.png

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