Horizontal scroll issue with Reactive Apps in new service studio 11.53.7

Hi everyone, recently my service studio upgraded to Cross Platform Service Studio 11.53.7.

The first issue that I have encounter is that by default there is no horizontal scroll in design time for Reactive Apps (works for traditional though), which is a hassle specially when designing large tables.

After some trial & error I managed to enabled horizontal scrolling using this CSS inside the theme:

body {    -servicestudio-display:inline-block;  }

However, although everything looks good and even works good, there is a positional issue regarding widget breadcrumbs, in this example:

I selected the yellow expression, but the widget breadcrumb is way off, looks like the position of the breadcrumbs does not take into account the horizontal scroll bar.

Is it possible to fix this in future versions or is there any workaround that we can use to fix it?


Nuno Guedes

Hi @Nuno Guedes,

Is your issue is resolved?
you are taking about scrollable area widget?
we have scrollable area widget in component list. you use this widget and put your table data inside it.



Hi @Shriyash Dixit,

No that's not it, I mentioned a table in my example, but i could be anything else, in the older service studio i have horizontal scroll in design time without any problems, but with this new one, everytime i need to scroll, I face the behavior initially explained, and it's not viable to put the scrollable area widget everywhere since in the UI the content is rendered as it is supposed to be.


Nuno Guedes

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