updating user role

Hello All,

I have table on my screen and on change of record want to update the user role and save on main screen.

When I click on change popup opens ,current record shows where I need to select the role and click okay.On Main screen I have save button.

But above is giving error.

Please suggest how to update the role in user_role for the current selected user.


Sorry, is it giving an error message or a warning message? If warning, looks like its because you are using the update action directly in a client action - the correct would be calling a server action with this logic encapsulated


You if you want to give multiple role to a user, instead of using entity action,

Use grant(), revoke() it will work perfectly,

we have created a functionality in our project where if user have already has a role, so we check in a condition which user have currently and by using switch cases we are assigning role to a user by using different roles grant actions.

so try with this - to get roles of the current espace , take a dependency of Roles Entity in your module and apply a filter EspaceId=GetEntryEspaceId(), it will only fetch you the roles of current espace,

hope this is helpful


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