Line Chart Not Plotting Data Points
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I have a Line Graph that plots multiple series of data points based on the selected options chosen above. Whenever I Group By Day, the chart shows this.

However, when I Group By Day Of Week, the legend still shows up, which tells me the data points are being calculated and appended to my data point list. However, none of the points are plotted on the chart as seen below.

Any information on what typically causes an issue like this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Ethan Stone

Hi Ethan,

The fact that series names show up, is not necessarily proof of datapoints, it could be because you have some series formatting or HighchartsJSON.

Best to share your oml, or if you can't, add the datapoints as a table to your UI, and also all the highchartsJSON, if any, and share those for both charts.


Hi Dorine!

A bit more information on my issue.

Sadly, I cannot share my oml. But, I've come to find that when if I choose Day Of Week as the Group By first, the graph plots perfectly fine. However, when I plot by Day and then switch to Day Of Week, the plot fails to show any data.

Moreover, I used the debugger and found that the datapoint list that is feeding into my chart does have data, and it is correct also. It just seems to not plot when it gets pushed. 


Ethan Stone


can you share the datapoint lists that do and don't work.  How do you build them, is it different if you group by Day of Week immediately.

The results depend on things like sorting of your data points, how about that, do you see any differences ?

If not (i.e. on both occasions, the datapoints lists are EXACTLY the same, when it does and does not plot) then next thing to look at, is if you somehow build up your datapoint list without clearing it, having double data in there that somehow confuse the charting library, maybe...)

So again, I'd put a table with my datapoints in the UI to see what exact datapoint list goes with what exact chart result, then share some screenprints here.


Hi @Ethan Stone,

Make sure that you are filtering correct data based on your conditions.
then put that values in the graph properties accordingly.

Could you share .oml for better understanding?



Hi Shriyash,

I cannot include my OML. I did use the debugger window and found that the aggregates put correct data into the datapoint list that my chart reads. However, when plotted the data simply does not show up. 

Also, I use a data action to create my data due to the fact that there is a variable amount of datapoints in my chart depending on the filters.


Ethan Stone

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