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Hi community,

We are currently working to further professionalize our user management. We are therefore looking for what is already standard in the platform, so that we can tap into that. Good thing to mention could be that we are having a cloud license

In Users it is possible to disable users. We would like to automate this based on user activity. We have already devised a technical solution ourselves to realize this, but it seemed to us that OutSystems should also have something for this. We just can't find much about this. Sometimes there are entities where this kind of information is stored

To cite a few more examples:

  • We want users to change their password periodically (we have this implement at this moment)
  • An option to require users to change their password
  • Password recovery (we have this implemented at this moment)
  • Is it possbile to see when a user last changed their password?
  • By default, the session in which a user stays logged in to an application appears to be infinite (I never seem to login again on my session in some applications)?
  • MFA (without the use of a 3rd party) 

For most cases we did built a custom made solution. I'd expect that this kind of critical standard capabilities would come out of the box, or at least had some official best practices. 

Good to mention is that I did find a few forge components and articles that utilize some of the above mentioned use cases but they are not official components or I can't find much information about them.

I'm pretty sure we're not the first to want this kind of functionality, so I hope there are people out there who have more experience with it. Either with OutSystems native options, or with custom-made solutions.

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for sharing it !

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