Close human activity from a conditional start
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I have a business process flow that starts a tracker for a Work Order management system.

When a work order is created a Human Activity is started (closing on update to status 'Pending').

The conditional start is listening for the status to be changed to Cancelled, when this happens I'd like to close all human activities that have been started so the process thread can close.

How can I get the ActivityID of a Human Activity into an Automatic Activity WITHOUT the use of taskbox or destination screens? 


How status is get changed to cancelled. Its by some human activity or some other logic.



The Cancellation action is performed by the end user. It is simply a button on the Work Order Detail page that updates the Work Order's Status to Cancelled. The Conditional Start in my Tracker process listens for that to happen.

Hi Charles, 

Basically, we must know to which HumanActivity the Work Order is currently assigned to so we can terminate the activity when the Work Order gets canceled. At any given point only one Human Activity will be active. 

One way to resolve this is to have a column to temporarily store the current ActivityId of Human Activity associated with the WorkOrderId. 
In the Automatic Activity used in the Conditional start flow, can have an aggregate to fetch the ActivityId corresponding to the WorkOrderId, and call the ActivityClose by passing the ActivityId.

Please let me know if you had found a solution already.

Hi All, 

I am following this post, since I am also interested to know from the Experts in OutSystems if there is any Solution to this scenario raised by Charles.


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