webscreen design

webscreen design

Hello Everybody,
Been working with Outsystems for 2 months. There are things really easy that can be done in Outsystems, but there are things.....where....ha, ha.....not sure why they are difficult to do. I spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to move the default right sidebar to the left side of the MainContent Placeholder of the web screen. I simply want to stick the menu on the left side of the webscreen and I want to stick my menu options into a left sidebar. How do I create a left sidebar and then how do I delete the right sidebar?
Any help will be much appreciated? I attached a screen shot of a normal webscreen.
Thanks in advance!
Hi Frank,

So assuming you have a application with the default WebBlocks:
  • Open Common\Layout_Normal WebBlock
  • (This is probably the tricky step that you couldn't find) Click on the Header part and  "Split Cell" on the toolbar
  • Click on the sidebar and then on the toolbar select the "Move Row Left" (Ctrl + Left)
  • Click on the Header part and select the Table Row (you can use the breadcrum in the bottom of the page to help you on that) and click "Merge Cells" on the toolbar
Yes ..its not an easy operation to find at first.

João Rosado
Hey Joao,
Thanks for the scoop!  I followed your instruction and it worked.

Hi Joao,

i am also trying to change the layout,trying to move the commonsidebar to left side,but unable to do, i am using service studie 6.0,
when i clicks common side bar the move to left button get disable,
so can u tell me in little detail or can show steps screen shots...

Thanks in advance...
and yse you are right,.......its not an easy operation to find at first.