Template + Layout CSS not applying to new screen

Hi all, I am making a template / Style guide, and have created a template following the O.S. tutorials. So now I have a template, and my desired layouts all in place. When I create a new screen that uses said template, some of the CSS is not applied the way I need it to:

Specifically, I am trying to increase the size of the header. In my layout, I have both modified web blocks in the layout:

These both have the CSS in them to increase the header size:

However, when I make a new screen with this template, nothing changes. When I apply these css changes to the template itself, or the specific web blocks, nothing changes. 

It only changes when I apply it to the newly created screen, but doing that defeats the purpose of having a template. Is there a way to better achieve this?

Hi Vinicius,
Your Template block CSS is overridden by the theme CSS. So, To overcome this please apply CSS in theme itself.

Thanks & Regards 


Hi, you need to apply the CSS as per the precedence, If you are using default theme for the module please write your CSS on theme, it will work, and if you need to apply css for that particular web block use !important for the same.

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