Enter/Return Key changed since update
Service Studio Version
11.53.8 (Build 60995)

Hi All,

I hope this makes sense. 
After a few weeks of not using Service studio, today i fired it up, and its updated itself to: 11.53.8 / 60995.
Now whenever i press the enter button inside of anything it jumps to something else instead of creating a new line

So example.
If im in a Webscreen, and i want to create a new line within the maincontent section. Before it would insert a new line expression. But now it jumps to the maincontent section of the layout template itself. 

ive tested in other programs and all works as it should. So i am presuming here that its something in the service studio itself. Is it known / anyone else have the same issue?

Thanks in advance

** Update **

Installed 11.53.7 - also has issue
Found an installer on pc for 11.13.1 (i know old) - but can confirm that when i press enter/return. It creates a new line.
So issue is with new version(s)

Hi Brad 

the new Service Studio still has some bugs to fix. For example some time ago, testing queries (test output) displayed the number of rows (e.x. 100 rows), but not the results itself, and then you had to close the SQL query window. So i am guessing this new version needs some improvements. Better you use a more conventional way

Hi Brad Smith ,

After update new version, sometime  I also face same issue . 

I think it would be done by outsystems team as soon as possible .



Yes , facing sometimes problem in new version.


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