Date Not Change in Input fields

Hello All,

I am using one Input Fields as Date as mention in the below snap 1). 
Note:- The date is a set as Text field and bind with a Structure Data.

 Now For Eg. If I Enter "12-12-2030" as a Date (Text Field) and if i make change it again to some other date, it will take my Pervious date only.

Snap1)  I enter date as "12-12-2030" for the first time.

Snap 2)  When i make change it to "12-55-2030". It is taking my pervious date only not the new date i mentioned.

 Snap 3) The below snap is from JavaScript. i have put JS code for testing what value is set in date. I am still getting the old value  in date..  How can i get new enter value(date)..?

Question is   If USER wan to change date to some other date it should take new date or if user put some wrong value second time it should give error message.  

Any one knows what can be the issue. OR what can we implement so that i can get the changed value.


Please share oml for the same so it would be more helpful

Thanks and Regards

Ridhima Shewani

Hi JK2020 ,

if possible then please share oml .


I cant send OML file becoz it is company project. 

Using date picker for the same?

Ok sure !

I try to resolve this problem.


Are you using Date picker ?
If you are using that, then I think there must be some On-change action you have defined some logic to store your date into a variable, so in this case your date-picker  will select the  date which is storing on your variable.
so that is the reason, 

But in case if you are not using date picker the try to use on change action on your input parameter.

if you could share the properties screenshot it would help to demonstrate it more



       I'm sharing my oml with you, please check it out.

It may help you.




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