Functionality to create a notification box

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a user management module where i have multiple role based access. example - admin, User1, User 2

i am working on creating a notification box  for the administrator such that an admin is able to see the recent activity of the user1 and user2 . Also the users are able to track their own last activity inside a table .

Similar to the feature we have on community page  feature 'My Activity'.

Can some one please help out

What's your doubt? You must set these 'recent activities' with some value that identifies them as 'recent' or 'unread / unseen' and count them. 

i am unsure of how to put these values in terms of parametres in the .oml file.

since if a user1 is promoted to an admin role it would be an activity

also if  user1 assigns a ticket to someone else it would be an activity.

Have you ever saw the Taskbox component? I don't think it's the entire solution, but maybe it can helps somehow. 

Also, would almost every change be a new activity? 

i will check it out now..

My current thought is that every manual change would be recorded as an activity 
For example if user1 assigns a ticket to user2 its an activity
if a user is promoted to an admin or moved to a different role, it would be an activity.

Trying to provide the admin an overview of the activities performed by rest of the team.

Does your application have logs or a table to keep a history of changes? I think it's almost the same concept, the difference is that it will be considered 'new activity' until someone checks those records.

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