Is there any affect on Apple Store Apps if I deploy a new version to PROD ?

Hi all,

I have a mobile app published on App Store last month, now I would like to make some updates on coding (Server Action & UI & Forge Plugin) and deploy to PROD. I am thinking would it affect the App Store mobile version if I deploy a new version from UAT to PROD?

or the App Store version would remind unchanged until I upload the new version to App Store and publish it?




On Outsystems, it depends on what is the changes. But the basic rule is if you didn't change the plugin that based on cordova, there should be no effect. So if the plugin that you use is cordova based, then you need to reupload .ipa file to the apple store.

Another way to check this, after you 1-click-publish the application, and Outsystems didn't generate new mobile apps, then you are golden.


Hi Toto,

Yes, there is a plugin based on cordova added into the new version, then I worry about the code will auto update in PROD after I deploy from UAT to PROD, but the plugin is not included in the App Store version since I have not upload the .ipa yet..... it may cause the mobile error.  


Hi jack,

Correct, if you didn't upload new mobile apps .ipa to the store, the function that call the plugin will causing error.

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