Multiple local storage sync
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 I have 4 local storage.. 

  • City - id, City. 
  • Trip- id, trip, Cityid
  • Cart - trip id, user id, id. 
  • User.. 

I need to use these local storage in same page, and synchronization it.... 

I need to make my page offline using these local in same page... 

How I do that?! 

Hi Shahed, 

Since you asked, "How I do that?", 
Please follow the documentation to do the local Sync which gives you an idea of how to implement and what actions to edit /create.

Below given exercise must help to get hands-on before you implement sync in your application. (Please ignore if already done)

Considering your scenario
      City - you can do the full sync
      Trip- you can sync the future trips and clean up the old or completed trips
      Cart - you can sync only the cart items belonging to the specific /logged-in user

After you add the sync, change the screen to fetch from local storage

Hello, I know how to make sync to one local, but I need to make sync to All local in same time.... 

Can you give me  if you have an OML file to do these In same time? 

I need these page to show if the user offline like the image ... 

Can you helped me? 

This image in server shooping cart... 

I need to show the same in local and show it in offline... 


Hello, did you found the answer?! 

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