[OutSystems Charts] Stacked Bar Chart Missing not Display DataPoint
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I have a column chart that shows a count of records by week. I also have a toggle to switch the chart between StackingType "Stacked" and "Stack100". 

With the toggle off my chart looks like this.

Notice the large blue bar on top of the 27th week.

Whenever I turn the toggle on, the large bar just disappears.

The stack toggle reads to a boolean variable, which changes the stack type variable in the ToggleOnChange client action.

Any and all help/thoughts would be greatly appreciate.


Ethan Stone

Is it possible to share any of your reference  oml , so that i can help you out in this ?

Yogesh S

Unfortunately I can't share an OML. Sorry

More information.

In the legend the series that fails to show up is greyed out, I can't interact with the bar though, it seems to be completely missing.

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