Links terminating with NotLicensedForProduction

I am running an app on a server with Professional Edition and Development License Type.

In the end of the links of my app I am getting "Not.Licensed.For.Production". Like ".aspx?ProjectId=1&(Not.Licensed.For.Production)="

Other apps that are running on this server and they do not have that in the end of the links.

Is there any way to remove this "warning" from the links?

Using a Production license removes it. It's strange that the other apps on the server don't show it, unless maybe they were deployed before the Development license was added.



I have just moved from evaluating outsystems online to a local version, Standard 300 - 30 Day Trial. I opend the project I have created from scratch and been working on and deployed to the localtrail  version - In just one of the several screens, I get the same message - the rest are ok. I have tried copying the screen but the same message applies.

I assume that this is some type of bug? I am concerned that this sort of thing might happen in a production system?
But is the server in Development Mode or in Production Mode? I belive if it's in Development it's supposed to work that way...

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Thanks Pedro I ended up rebuilding the screen and all is well with the world. It just seemed strange that I wasnt getting the same behaviour on all of the screens. When I moved to a local install to continue the trial, I was in development mode but found that not all screens displayed the link. After replacing the screen (which co-incidentally had an error on it) and a quick restart, I now have a working screen with consistent bahaviour across all screens. Thought it worth noting in case anyone else see's this weird behavior Thanks again Paul
Hi Paul

Just to give some more context on the problem, the URLs shows the Not.License.For.Production if the license type loaded on the environment is Development, regardless of the server mode.

If the problem was affecting only a screen, is it possible that you had some hardcoded URL on that screen?


Miguel Simões João
Note: When  you change mode, you will need to recompile/republish, this should correct the issue.
So, what is a solutionn? I have the same issue )

Hey guys

Quick question about this: does this have any effect in bookmarking a page and trying to redirect the user, after login, to the bookmarked page?

I'm asking this because I have an application that uses Okta's single sign on to authenticate users. The client wants the capability of bookmarking pages. The problem is that, when the session expires, we call single sign on and the user is redirected to their landing page (this landing page is defined by the company, depending on the user's business area) and not to the bookmarked page. 

To avoid this, we are passing the URL using the GetBookmarkableURL() function. The issue is that the URL  the user bookmarks in the browser has that "&(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=" bit, and the URL retrieved by the GetBookmarkableURL() function hasn't.



No, it doesn't matter. It is treated as a query parameter, and since none of your pages have a parameter called "(Not.Licensed.For.Production)" it is ignored if it is present, and none of the pages care if it is missing.


Hello guys

I found what I was doing wrong regarding this problem, and like Justin said, it had nothing to do with the NotLicensedForProduction part of the link

Thanks for the tip, Justin