[Microsoft Login Connector Reactive] How to deactivate users in Outsystems if they are inactive in Azure
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Forge component by Miguel Amado

Hi, I've searched everywhere, but can't seem to find anywhere where this component might be able to deactivate Outsystem users when they are deactivated in Azure. Can anyone assist me with this?


Hi Rudi,

This is not something this component does nor can do without extensive changes that go far beyond the scope of an iDP consumer. So I don't see this as upcoming feature.

However, we (at my company) have created a separate application for this that does that (and sync other user detail changes). It is not in a state (yet) so that I can post it on the Forge but I hope I will be able to in due time (as in, within the next year). I could give you some pointers should you want to create this yourself but let's do that in PM instead of this thread.



Thanks for the reply Vincent. That was my alternative as well, to maybe use the GraphAPI filter function or something like that. 

Thanks, the help is much appreciated.

These are the options I can think of since it will not return any response for the callback page to check if it is active or not.

I am not sure if Azure can do an integration but if it can, you can expose an API in your App to do the deactivation in OS Side. Or, make a background process that will deactivate the accounts created from Azure Login when they did not login for a certain span of time e.g 1 week. 

Thanks Jester, yes indeed, one can follow your solution, but it might require additional costs on the Azure side. I think I'l integrate from Outsystems side with the GraphAPI instead.

Thanks for the reply.

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