How can I log in with google in a mobile application?
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I am trying to create a screen that allows me to log in using google services and I was following the following tutorial:

which is used for a web application, I have tried to modify it so that when obtaining the client's ID it is through a mobile application and when I finish and run my application the following error appears: "Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch" but by android application When I create the credentials within the google console, I don't see the Authorized Redirect URIs section. On the other hand, when I change the mobile application to Web Application, it does show me the section of authorized redirection URIs.

And if I try to create credentials for the web application and continue with the client id obtained by it, in my mobile application it shows me the following error: "Error 403: disallowed_useragent". I need help regarding this topic.



This is the mobile plugin for social logins. It is a trusted forge component build by OutSystems. 



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