Whats the easiest way to connect to my current database?  I doubt too many have had any experience with QuickBase, but that is the database we use.  There a couple different ways to use the API including as an XML request string POSTed, as a URL sent in a GET request or I have an ODBC driver.  

I'm pretty new to this kind of development, so any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!
Hi Kevin,

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Take a look at this post http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=How-to-integrate-with-an-external-SQL-Server-or-ORACLE-database-in-OutSystems 

Itwill help you to integrate your existing database to OutSystems Platform.

If more help needed, feel free to ask.

Thanks for the link Ricardo.   My problem here is that my existing database is not SQL/Oracle.  To that end, would it be viable to set up a linked server to my existing via ODBC?  And, if in doing that, would there be a noticable performance hit?

Hi Kevin, 

I've never tried before but there's someone here at he forum that did with a MySQL linked in MS SQL. 

About performance, as it was said in the same post " One note: when working with those VIEWs be careful with SQL JOIN statements.The tables willl be completely fetched which may bring a lot of bad performance to your application."

Hope it help.