OutSystems Merge and Publish Bug

Hi! I am using the latest OutSystems 11.53.8 Version and I have noticed there's Issues during Merge & Publish while working alongside with other Developers. 

Even though I click on 'Merge & Publish', Changes made my teammate is overridden with my Change. Hence whatever development done by  my Teammate no longer exist in the latest version of the Module.

Anyone else facing this Issue?
Thank you.

HI @Adnan Mohammed

please note following :

1. Try to avoid publish application simultaneously it will abort publishing by default.
2. While merge and publish you will have to select the changes from your account which is on left hand side highlighted in Red colour similarly, you can see the changes made by your team member on the right hand side.
3. If you cant seen any changes made by another user try reopen that application so that it will refresh all the changes.

I hope it might help you.


Yes, You are right but a note here. 
The Right Hand and the Left Hand shows up in 2 scenarios. 

  1.   When you click on 'Latest' Button which resides beside the Manage Dependency.
  2.  When you click on 'Compare' Button on the Pop-up that is shown after clicking the Publish Button.

This Scenario shall not take place on clicking Merge and Publish (Red Button), on the Pop up after clicking the Publish. That's where the Bug lies. On clicking that Button, many of times, The 'Override' Bug Persisted. Hence the Discussion here.

Yes Sometimes facing some issues in the new version.


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