Strange behavior on Service Studio Windows version 11.53.8/Build 60995
Service Studio Version
11.53.8 (Build 60995)


I'm currently experiencing frustrating behavior on my Service Studio. When I create new actions and click on them so that I can work on them, they intermittently do not want to open. If they have properties, they will fold open or close, but the design area will keep on displaying the previous action that I worked on. This even happens with the screens and web blocks. Also, keyboard actions intermittently does not work, like copy, paste and delete.

This is happening on multiple machines that I work on so it's not related to a specific machine. Also, it doesn't matter which type of project I'm working on - all of them exhibit the same behavior.

Has anybody else experienced this behavior?


Yes, facing some strange behavior sometimes.



I'm having the same issues on the same version as you.

In regards to being stuck on an element/action, these "workarounds" usually work for me:

  • Instead of double clicking the element I want to navigate to, try to highlight it (left click once) and press enter on the keyboard
  • Navigate to another tab (from Interface to Logic for example) then back again

Or sometimes a combination of both.

I've also experienced expression windows that are open but invisible, making me unable to do anything. Only workaround I've found for this is to try to close service studio completely, it will usually bring the expression window back so that I can close it and then press "Keep Open" on the close warning to keep working.

I recommend you send feedback through Help -> Give us Feedback in Service Studio if you haven't already.

Thanks, so I'm not going crazy over here. I just wanted to make sure before I started complaining to OutSystems ;-)


I have faced the same issue multiple times then I have to keep going back and struggle with that I have reported it already.
You can also report this, 

If you need more help you can create a support ticket here



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