Recover lastest OML file from my PTA

Recover lastest OML file from my PTA

Hello all,

I just lost a morning of work. Is it possible to recover the latest version of my OML from my PTA? 

Thank you

André Santos
Hi André,

Recovering the oml from a PTA is not currently possible, since only the differences are sent to the server during the Run operation.
So there is no correct "Full" oml available.

Also I can't find any Submit Feedback from you, so can't even help you on your error.
Feedbacks are important to us to help improve the platform, and in this case I would even probably be able to get you the OML if the option to attach it was set.

And make sure you are using the last version of Service Studio to avoid problems already fixed. (like or

João Rosado

Hello João, 

Thank you for your response. 
Actually my loss wasn't caused by a service studio error. I was opening an older versions of my OML in another tab when 
I accidently saved the older version on top of my current version. Thats why you didn't find any feedback. It was all my fault. Guess I'll have to do it all again. 

Thank you anyway.

André Santos