Multi-tenancy restrictions across applications
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I've developed two mobile applications and a traditional web application. They are all multi-tenancy applications and I currently have, say six tenants. I want the apps to work as follows:

Mobile App 1 and Traditional Web App 1
Tenant 1, 2, 3 and 4 have access. The rest do not.

Mobile App 2
Tenant 5 and 6 have access. The rest do not.

However, it seems that currently, all tenants can login to all of the apps.
I've gone to Service Center -> Factory -> Modules -> Mobile App 1 -> Tenants, and disabled the tenants that I do not want to have access to Mobile App 1. But the changes I make her are also applied to all other modules, so if I disable tenant 6 here, tenant 6 cannot then use Mobile App 2.

How do I best manage this, please?

Thank you

Hi Leigh,

You need to create tenant specific users for that. Below is the forge component that you can use to create tenant specific users.



Thank you Vinod,

I already have that module installed, but not sure if it solves my problem.

For example, using that multitenant management module I have configured

Tenant 1
User LR
User BM

Tenant 5
User AF
User MG
User LR

Following on from the example in my first post, I note the following:

1) All users, across all tenants, can login to all apps. This isn't the desired behaviour described in my first post.

2) Tenants 1 and 5 both share a user with the username LR. Why isn't unique username/password combinations enforced across tenants. 

Hi Leigh,

Could you please cross check Tenant_Id in Users table. You need to checked Show Tenant Identifier check box.

You can use TenantSwitch method to change the tenant.

  • TenantSwitch: The TenantSwitch System Action changes the context the specified tenant.



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