Unable to make drop-down list by dragging entity to the mainflow

Please, I have entity with reference to another entity and it is normal to have a dropdown list on dragging the main entity to the mainflow. 

But currently on dragging the entity to the mainflow, no dropdown list is created.

What is the issue ? Can someone kindly help me.

I am using the latest outsystems application.

Thanks as you help 

Please, i am using Traditional


When you drag and drop a Entity to a form, If the Entity have the Identifier of The other entity or static entity then the dropdown will be automatically created, but in case if you drag and drop the normal entity so input fields are created.

Hope this is what you are looking for, try this it will work


Hi Harrison,

I just tried with version 11.53.8, and it still works for me, combo box gets created.  Can you share your oml / datamodel or other details that could explain why it doesn't work ?  Did you correctly define your reference attribute ?


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