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Hi everyone 

I am trying to create BPT flow, in which my use case is where there will two Approvers like Approver 1 and Approver2 , where they can login simultaneously and accept and Reject , and if both the approvers accept only they activity should get closed otherwise it shouldnt, How do I achieve this ?

How assign roles in users in BPT?

Hi Rakshitha,

For your first question, You can do parallel processing. Check out this documentation.


Refer to the section "Joining with Synchronization"

For your second question,  

Check out this documentation

Refer to the section "Adding security".

Hope this helps



Hi Rakshitha,

Did you managed to resolve the issue?

No, while I close approval 1, even Approval 2 is also getting closed 

Hi Rakshitha,

Can share your oml file, it will be easier to understand and troubleshoot the issue?

Hi Rakshitha, 
Did you managed to resolve the issue? 


Hello Rakshita 

I'm not sure if the issue is resolved at your end but going through the conversation it seems you have added two activities but the CloseOn is not maintained correctly. 

For the CloseOn you need to configure it with the UserID (ApprovedBy) or find a way to make this data unique for each approver. If there will be simple CloseOn (for entity update) the processes will be closed by updating an activity. 

Feel free to share more details on it, if the issue if persistent 

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