Working with jQuery Validation Rules

Working with jQuery Validation Rules

Is there anybody having experiences using the jQuery validation rules ? or with this one

I want to make sure a user does not enter a number below 0 and over 100 (yes percentage check)

And Yes I know I can do with IF statement in the SAVE action.
However I have a lot of fields messing up the save action.
Hi Joop.
Using jQuery for that seems like too much.

Any particular reason why you can't validate the values at the start of your "Save" action?
just because there are so many ... it messes up the logic
Anyhow, I did create the bunch.
Would be nice though to have the ability to set min/max values to numeric attributes or better to have a percetage type attribute besides numeric/date/etc...
Hi João
That's also a nice implementation and to me this can be easily build into the platform.
The problem is  with H5 validaiton that the browser should support it ... :-)

I think I'll digg some more into the validation rules plugin of jQuery
The HTML5 validation only doesn't work in IE8 or earlier, thus the "library" that was provided in that example

You say this could be easily built in the platform, I'm not so sure on that :(

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