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First of all, I know that there are a lot of forum posts on this topic already and I apologize in advance if I ask some repetitive questions. I have tried to go through all the forum posts I could find about this specific certification and I have already looked at the certification detail sheet and sample exam provided by outsystems, but some of my questions remain unanswered, which is why I'm making this post.

So really soon I plan on taking the Associate Reactive Developer Certification (In less then a week) and I don't feel really prepared. I have gone through the "Becoming a Reactive Web Developer" guided path once a while ago (march-may this year), and after that I worked on two larger reactive web applications. Please note that even though I have gone through the courses once, I was in a big rush and I wasn't thorough at all, so I don't think I can rely on that knowledge to pass the exam. Additionally, even though I worked on two apps, they both had very specific requirements that I had to focus on, so I think I might have missed some very basic concepts while working on them. 

Before my exam, I plan on looking at the guided path 2 more times (If I find the time) and doing the course exercises, as I have seen this approach suggested multiple times. However, when I'm looking at videos, I have a hard time memorizing the information and I find it much easier to memorize written information. I know OutSystems has great documentation, but is everything covered in the guided path also covered in the documentation, or would I miss something? I saw multiple comments on the posts I read saying that everything in the certifications is covered by the courses, but you need to really focus and listen hard to extract the needed information, and I'm worried that I will fail to memorize / understand something important when listening to the videos.  Is there any written documentation that you can recommend to me (that covers the full guided path) that will fully cover the material of the videos, or do you recommend I just stick to the videos?

Additionally, in the description of the Associate Reactive Developer Certification, it says that it focuses on reactive web and mobile applications, but under the Online resources, only the  "Becoming a Reactive WEB Developer" guided path is listed and nothing about the MOBILE developer path. Does this mean that the "Becoming a Reactive WEB Developer" is enough to pass the exam? (I would look at the mobile path as well just in case, but like I stated, I have very little time to prepare)

Another question I have is about the name of the certification. I have seen a lot of posts referring to a certification called "Associate Web Developer Certification", but a lot of posts also refer to a "Associate Web Reactive Developer" etc. I could not find those certifications on the certification page, so is it the same certification called multiple different things? Were those old names for the same test? And most importantly, is the information I have found regarding the  "Associate Web Developer Certification", also applicable to the "Associate Reactive Developer Certification".

Finally, I have a question regarding the type of questions that will be on the exam. I have seen multiple posts/comments saying that the questions can be very tricky and that there are usually 2 clearly wrong answers and 2 answers that both seem correct, but one is more true. If this is the case, are there any sample questions that are a similar format? I am not asking for past exam questions or anything like that, just practice questions that are on the same level of difficulty. So often, when certification practice questions are provided by a platform, they are SO EASY and you feel prepared and you go to the exam and the real questions are so much harder than the practice ones. Can someone honestly tell me if the provided sample exam by OutSystems is on the same difficulty level as the real certification and if not if there are any other examples I can look at so I'm not completely caught off guard. 

I apologize for this really long post, I just wanted to give you sufficient amount of details about what I already know and what confuses me, so that there is no unnecessary repetition of information already covered by other posts. Thank you so much in advance! Any other tips you have for me regarding this certification would be GREATLY appreciated!




Let me keep this short, if you followed the guided path and understood what you learned, and read the documentation shared in the exam details and understood what you read, then you should have no issue passing the Reactive Web Developer certification. You should really be less worried.



M Kr

Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for your reply! The problem is, when I'm watching videos, I'm not quite sure if I fully understand everything or I subconsciously miss stuff. That's why I was asking for written material. 



M Kr

Hi Kundan,

Thank you so much for your reply, it was really helpful. Can you tell me if the provided questions are on the same difficulty level as the real certification? 



I think yes ,but may be some real  question is more difficult .

As @Sourabh sharma send a pdf ,Kindly visit his pdf also.

Thanks !! This is great practice

Hi  M Kr,

I understand your requirment, go through the PDF file and given link .You can practice in this application developed by one of the community team members. 


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Associate Reactive Developer Sample Exam - EN.pdf
M Kr

Hi Sourabh,

Thank you so much for your reply, it was really helpful. Can you tell me if the provided questions are on the same difficulty level as the real certification? 



yes they are almost at the same difficulty level as the real certification .

The process of creating questions for the exam and for the samples is the same.

The difference is that the sample exam is always the same while the real exam has some different questions every time you try it.


The best way is to go through all the videos, if you don't have a lot of time, then go through the lessons materials
and complete each exercise, Focus on the topics which covers maximum questions, Some question may be confusing but you need to read the question carefully then its options, try to read question and choices 2-3 times,
I am sharing you a link you can check this as well

I hope this will help

M Kr

Hi Tousif,

Thanks for the reply, I found your suggestions very helpful. Unfortunately, the Associate Reactive Developer example questions link provided in the forum post doesn't work for me, so if you have it downloaded, please share it with me here. 

Thanks in advance!

- Mar

Sample Practice Test Associate Web RafaOutSystems _220605_210640.pdf

Hello @M Kr

        First, you need to complete your tutorial with its quiz and solve the sample paper 

        I will we adding one link to the question related to OutSystems Reactive


Thanks and Regards


Any update for 2023 Exam? ;)

Nothing relevant. A few new exams were launched and there is ODC now. Reactive is a stable product, not much will change in the near future.

Thanks Nuno for your reply, I hope pass the exam with high score 

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