XML Records questions

In the XML Records component discussion I posted three questions (from here: https://secure.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=%5b%5b%5dXML-Records%5d-Discussion#Post73), but since it has been a while since the previously last post, I thought I'd repeat it here for quicker help:

1) Is it possible to prevent the escaping of special characters when converting a record(list) to XML? I need this for injecting XML into the resulting output (due to 5.0 limitations on webservice handling);
2) I'm trying to rename tags by using EffectiveName, but I can only get the outermost tag to rename, all others seem to be ignored. How do I handle this?;
3) Decimal values with value 0.0 are not treated as null values. Is this intentional? According to the description of this feature, 0 should be treated as null.