[Firebase Mobile] I need to Push notification but I can't generate my  app
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I need to Push notification In a mobile app using Firebase, but I can't generate my app because that error.... 

Couldn't install the cordova plugin  cordova - plugin - Firebase.. 



There is a user Group event where each and every step is described in details

Check here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVT5Am3oH4E

for the error check this

hope this can help 


 I make All these step and It's not working... 

I Will Share to you the OML, maby it helped to solved the problem

Hello As I have checked your Oml I found that there is some error in your configuration

You need to add a prefix firebase.com 

like firebase.com.outsystemscloud.personaleffefeft.Notification

try this and do the configuration carefully, follow the video I share if it help you 


I faced same issue when I tried to update things on your Oml,

So what I did here, I have created a new application, and follow the step by step guide so that, I will not miss anything, I have watched the tutorial that I have shared you, they already said that if some misconfiguration occur, you will not be able to generate the app, So i did the same and my application is generated Successfully

Start with a fresh application and  follow steps, this is the latest configuration

You can go through this  documentation as well 

If you still face issues please ping

I don't think it will work on your environment because of different environment address but you can take a reference. It is just cover  a configuration part not a complete app


This file working?! 

I mean it send and received notification?? 

The issue was related to the Error but I did created a push notification Demo for you,

You can download the app from  here - https://personal-ejuytnht.outsystemscloud.com/NativeAppBuilder/App?AppKey=339acf9b-db84-4213-b93d-9ab057ce6c43

from here you can push notification to your application - https://personal-ejuytnht.outsystemscloud.com/NotificationBackend/SendNotificaton?_ts=637943824320853510

Login with demouser

Hope this Works, I'll attach Oml file for reference

The file size is large so I'll attach them in  another one below


From this you can send the notification

Notification Backend_web.oap

Hello  I do evrey thing step by step but It's not working because the same error 😞

I Will Share the oap to you. Maby you can Know whats the error 😞

I compared your file with mine it's same ,please check it


Could you tell me what the error was?? 

Application Name
App Identifier
Zipfile googele-servive - TargetDirectorIssue
Then On Reactive Application - In SendNotificationto user  (Name of your AppId) parameter

NB on this issue I hit it too using push notifications. You can find the problem by opening the application build/MABS logs in service center, in 'Distribute' tab for the app you have an option to download the latest iOS and Android build logs. While they are huge if you just search for "ERROR:" or the zipfile name you will see errors that give you clues. Including if memory serves me the zipfile full path. 

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