How to update the the table data?
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 Excuse me, I am a newbie in Outsystems, and I want to change the data of ToOtherPeople, so I click button(审核) to another screen.I choose the person I want and click the button, but there is a mistake.  *[OUTSYSTEMS].DBO.[OSUSR_XXXX] with key 0 was not updated*

   It is possible to update the  table data? I want to change the data of ToOtherPeople.

Here are logic. My oml file is too big to upload so that I can't provide it. If you wanna check it out I can email you the oml file for possible solutions!   *I am grateful for your help!*



Hello Rita,

This error is happening because one of the paths of your IF is with the object with Id nullIdentifier.

To correct, identify which IF is without the ID, and change Update to CreateOrUpdate:

If you still have trouble solving it, please send (images) what you have in the condition and assignments of this IF and these 2 assigns:

Hope it helps.

Kind regards.


If you already know there's no Id, you should use Create, not CreateOrUpdate.

Hello @Kilian Hekhuis! Thank you for your reply!

Your suggestion really helps a lot. I've already solved the problem.

Appreciate it!



Great to hear you've solved the problem. Can you mark the answer (by Agno or me, or both) that helped you solve it as Solution? Thanks.

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