Is it possible not to refresh the whole page after receiving a meassage from MQTT ?

For example in my case I have blocks in the same page, if I receive a message from MQTT (in a single block) the whole page is updated, I want to display only the new message without updating the other blocks 

The update of a page or blocks is automatic in reactive webs but is possible to force a non-update-like behavior.

To make a block update only when asked you can create an input like update and in the OnChange action if the value is false it stops the action, and if is true it refreshes the aggregates, and so on...

Thanks for your answer 

But I don't want it to update when I ask for it, I want it to know if there are new messages, if there are no new messages in a block, it doesn't update, so for the others that have new messages, it updates automatically without asking. 

From what I could understand you could try to use a JS with a timer that checks for new messages and if there was force an update of the block.


Use web block event and in it's event handler action refresh the container that will display your message in the screen



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